Atlas Stands was established in 2010 and is owned and operated by Josh Childers (left) and John Schramlin (right). We work out of a small shop that sits between the Nolichucky River and the Cherokee National Forest in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. We both graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. Josh graduated earning a B.S. degree in Record Industry Production/Tech and John graduated earning a B.F.A. degree in Studio Arts and Graphic Design.

When we would practice or play gigs, our amps sat too low and the speaker dispersion was focused at our ankles, making it difficult to achieve adequate volume and tone control. On hollow stages, the vibrations coming through the floor would come through our amplifiers causing reverb tanks to bang and tubes to become microphonic. We could have used metal amp stands or milk crates as many guitarists do, but both looked cheap and flimsy to us and the milk crates didn’t solve the angle issue. We decided we wanted solid, hardwood amp stands that would provide a stable foundation, that would isolate and decouple our amplifiers from the floor, and that tilted our speaker cabinets to the proper angle and raised them to the proper height…and we wanted them to look great.

We quickly discovered that the hardwood amp stands we sought were nowhere to be found. It was then that we decided to design and build our own. Thus, Atlas Stands began, and we immediately recognized the limitless potential for amazing new amp stand designs. We built our initial prototype in 2010, and since then we’ve built hundreds of hardwood amp stands for musicians all over the world.

We design Atlas Stands to last for generations, and to be easily maintained. We’re sure you’ll love yours.

Kind regards,
Josh Childers & John Schramlin