“I contacted Atlas Stands to have them build 2 amplifier stands for me and a pedalboard. They took the measurements and weight of my amplifiers and asked what type of wood and other details I was interested in. I submitted a sample drawing for my pedalboard as a starting point to work from. Josh and the Atlas Stand crew gave me a price quotation and estimated time to completion. Both amplifier stands and the pedalboard exceeded my expectations and they are a beautiful addition to my home. I will definitely be going back to Atlas Stands again!! Thanks!!”
Sean K.  Tampa, Florida

“I ordered and received quickly my Atlas Stand last winter. This is a great product built with style, and the quality is remarkable in all aspects. It was properly protected and got home in good shape, all the way to Eastern Canada. I have used it extensively for gigs and practice sessions. It looks as good as day one, either at my home studio, or on the road.”
Marc Lewis

I came across Atlas-Stands on a guitar gear forum. I like the idea of incorporating wood pieces into some of the mundane equipment you use as a guitarist, you know, guitar stands, chairs to sit on while you play, even wood cabinets for your speakers or amps. I had not really thought of a wood amp stand before seeing the Atlas-Stands website though!

I was impressed by the design and great looks of the stands Josh had on his site, besides the fact that he can make a stand pretty much any way you’d like! I found a beautiful Ambrosia Maple stand that Josh had built on the site that would fit about 3 different combo amps that I have, so I emailed Josh to check on its availability and he was very quick and professional in his response. I paid via PayPal and Josh sent me the tracking info and I waited for my stand to arrive.

When the stand arrived it was packaged beyond belief! If Dorothy had taken the package into the tornado, the stand would have made it to OZ unharmed! As I took the stand out of the packaging foam I realized that the photos of the Maple did not due the actual stand justice. Just really beautiful grain and a pinstripe of Mahogany to go with it.

I set it up and placed my Ultrasound acoustic amp on it and tried it out with my jazz box. The Atlas-Stand just looks and sounds great! I would recommend Josh and his work to any guitarist looking for a functional and beautiful way to enhance their amp’s sound and appearance!”
Joe Hajducky, CT

Well, you were there from the beginning of this project, from my longing to have a custom Atlas Amplifier Stand after R9 posted his, to my asking, ‘hey, can you put a pedal board on that?’. Well, I received the stand/board on Wednesday and was blown away! I just want to thank Josh at Atlas Stands for making me something EXACTLY how I wanted. Thanks Josh for a magnificent job!”
Adam Storfer

“Dealing with Josh was a pleasure, fast responses to my questions, he put up with my ramblings, kept me informed, parcel tracking was fascinating. It duly arrived in packing that can only be described as art meets engineering.

I don’t know why I was surprised, one of the reasons for having it was it doesn’t have a large footprint like those metal scissor frame things, three times the space of your amp and an unstable look like collapse is imminent.

It exudes quality, superb blemish free finish, excellent timber, amazing attention to detail – all of the screw head fixings line up in perfect parallel harmony; solid and stable, art meets engineering.

Then I used it.

Really quite amazing, I honestly would not have believed there would be so much of a difference to my sound. Clearer treble, more defined bass, fuller all round. It projects the sound at you and into the room; I’m running the amp at lower volume settings and getting as much “volume” of sound with cleaner tones that I now have more control over. Balancing my sound in the band mix is no longer a battle. I’m never going to gig or rehearse again without it.

Neat, very well made, stylish. It’s so practical and easy to use, stage space is not an issue, if there’s room for your amp there’s room for an Atlas stand

Oh, nearly forgot, having been out with it a few times now the fitted bag is worth it! Turns out that having a lightweight stand is a benefit!

Art really does meet engineering at Atlas Stands.”
Alan, UK, Highway Junkies and Little Giants

I love what it did for my TONE!! My tone JACKS when I put the rig up. Not just louder because it’s pointed at me better – the bass actually gets bigger and tighter – I don’t lose all the backwards-directed sound waves. Atlas Stands ROCK”
Mike Flores

Custom built for my Swart Space Tone. Excellent build quality. Fit & finish is top notch. Very cool stand. The perfect compliment for a boutique amp. Kudos to Josh. Awesome guy to deal with. pearly coolness, thumbs up.”

My stand came in today, and I must say, while I was expecting quality, this has far exceeded my expectations. This thing is SOLID! I definitely believe that Atlas Stands is putting out some fine pieces, and you can be assured that the cost of another custom fit stand will be figured into my next amp purchase. You guys should definitely consider grabbing one of these stands. I’m loving the stand. It holds my amp at a much better height/angle than just leaning it back. I find fewer ‘dead spots’. The stand itself has no vibrations, and the amp also doesn’t rattle against the stand like it does against the wall. I am very pleased with it. It fits my amp perfectly, and it’s sturdy enough I could park a car on it! Anyone considering one of these stands should seriously order one up, nothing else on the market this nice..period”
Tim Drake Music

“I recently got one of Josh’s Atlas Stands and it’s superb. Really well built, beautiful, my Tungsten Cortez looks and sounds great on it. And Josh was just great to deal with – highly recommended!”

I will say that I play at home-only, no pets or children to be concerned about, so I’m glad to have a piece of artwork supporting my amp. My brother-in-law is a woodworker, so I’ve learned to appreciate good work. This ought to make him jealous…”

The Rack Stand came in yesterday’s post so this morning I said screw work and assembled it together. I threw three units in it and snapped a quick pic. Thanks again Josh, your work and customer service is next to none!”

Well, it came today!
I gotta give y’all my first impressions:
1. Not nearly as heavy as I thought it would be. Good, solid construction, mind you, but not quite as heavy as my metal one. A definite plus!
2. It fits either my Nemesis or my Blues Jr., both fairly different in size and shape. Also a plus!
3. I tend to stand in front of my amp and play when I’m at home. For this, it is spot on PERFECT. It is aimed right at my face. It’s almost like I stood there and let them measure the correct angle. A HUGE plus!
My initial thoughts were that it would be too heavy to lug around, and so it would likely just stay in the living room. It is not, and could easily be ported around and set up on stage. It is also far easier to break down and secure that the metal stand.
I’ve already said it sounds great from in front of the amp, I also played last night from several oblique angles and didn’t notice much difference in volume, or tone really, outside of the expected. My surmise is that the angle of the stand is more conducive to bouncing the sound off the far wall/ceiling and reflecting it back to me…think it’s an incredible stand and far better than the one I was using. I have the Nemesis N8 on the old stand and the Blues Jr on the Atlas Stand and there is quite a difference in clarity of sound between the two.
Awesome stand! Thanks again Josh…it really has been a pleasant surprise to hear the difference it makes.”

I received my amp stand from Atlas Stands. Aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes – just what you expect from a high quality work of art that is made from wood. In other words, it looks awesome and will definitely attract interest from anyone who sees it. Besides how it looks, Atlas Stands are extremely well-built so you can trust they’ll protect your amp.

I received the Studio model with Sound Wave Inlays, which is made from Cherry wood. Simply awesome – now I have to upgrade my amp because of how nice the stand is! And Josh was great to work with. He truly cares about the quality of his products and he wants his customers to be ecstatic about the product. Check out http.atlas-stands.com/ I promise you’ll be glad you did! Thanks again Josh!”
Eric Cox

Finally got it! This thing is awesome! To be honest I just liked these stands cause they looked cool but as soon as I started playing with my amp on the stand I could hear a difference. It was much more resonate and the twang I love is so much more pronounced. I can tell this thing is gonna last forever, maybe even outlast my amp. It’s awesome! I can’t even say how thankful I am. Atlas for president!”
Maddie Richards

Terrific work Josh, not a single rough patch to be found about the whole stand. The inlaid Cherry wood is flawless and the poly resin with the playing card suit is plain flat out awesome…Now the sound, when I propped my Blues Jr up on this stand it really had a new quality to the sound, as if it were rounder, and penetrating better. For anyone looking to get more out of their amp, sound, or just more on stage presence you really should have at least one of these in your arsenal…This is something I’ll be able to hand down to my kids someday, along with my guitars and amp, as I expect the construction will last for a very long time.”
Brandon Faulkner

The first time I laid eyes on an Atlas Stand I wanted one. Form and functionality plus beautiful craftsmanship. For a harmonica player, being able to hear myself without turning up too loud is a must! My custom Atlas Stand fits the bill!! My Low Rider fits my style and helps my tone project even better than before! This stand is not only a functional piece of gear, but a beautiful piece of wood crafting and engineering!!! You guys are definite master carpenters!!! Thanks Josh!!! JB”
Jeremy Bustillos

I’m lovin’ the stand you made for my Princeton Reverb. I’ve gotten many nice compliments on it. I think this new stand might be your best work yet. Your designs are showing some real innovation and creativity.”
Patrick Amato

Without a doubt Atlas Stands makes the nicest stands.”

The figured maple amp stand you made for me totally rocks! The flame in the maple is a killer look. I have to give you extremely high marks for communication and flexibility as well. Your willingness to do the sunburst paint job makes my amp stand a one in a million piece of hardware. Thanks for helping me make a “full custom” statement with my rig. I can (and will) recommend you guys to anyone that’s interested.
Travis Penrod, Prior Lake, MN

My Atlas Stand has been a phenomenal addition to my rig, it has improved my tone, the organization of my set-up, and the overall appearance of my music room. It’s workmanship is second to none, well built and assembled with attention to detail only Josh can achieve. I have had many compliments on it and even a few offers, it’s truly an integral part of my tone and my rig, and worth it’s weight in gold!”
Frank Danna, El Paso, TX

The stand arrived today. It is just wonderful. It fits my amp perfectly, and it looks great. The build quality is extremely impressive as well. Finally, your packing job was perfect. I’m so happy I found you.”
Richard Still, Sarasota, FL

Just a quick note – in a word, PERFECTION. The way the rig looks and the way it all sets up – visually, functionally, practically and organically – is PERFECT. Literally, beyond my wildest expectations! The finish is perfect (matches to a “T”) and the mahogany strips make it look like a museum-quality piece; the angle for the head [“dead nuts on” and perfectly level] and the way it fits on the bottom is perfect; it looks unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever seen in the coolest possible way…solid as a rock and tight as a gnat’s ass on a cold day. Unreal.”
Jimmy Ryan, The Flying Ryan Brothers, IL

Fantastic Service, Fantastic Sound, Great Looks.
Best new product in my studio so far”
Anders Hörling, Sweden

I just got the stand and it looks fantastic! I am really pleased. Outstanding packing – there is no way this could have been damaged unless someone intentionally tried to. It is perfect. Thanks!”
John Harris, Birmingham, AL

When I opened the package the first thing I thought was that it was a LOT lighter than I was expecting it to be. It’s gorgeous.

I placed my amp on it, plugged everything in and started going. It sounded great! Everything sounded very clean and I was able to hear every nuance. I can tell you that I have not removed my amp from this stand since I first placed it there. I’ve played it for many months now and I am very, very happy with it. It looks awesome, gets lots of compliments and actually allows my amp to be heard properly! The workmanship is top notch..you can tell they put a LOT of love into their product. Thank you Atlas Stands for helping me shape my sound even further!!”
John Eddison, Toronto, Canada

I am delighted to have the first of Josh’s road-ready black-finished stands, which he designed at my suggestion based around my 1×12 Marshall combo. I am an amateur player, and full time engineer and designer, and I was very impressed with the quality and design of the Atlas hardwood stands when I saw them on a forum.

The first impression was of true craftsmanship. The finish is dyed, and then coated in clear poly, so should be resistant to chips. The effect is discreet, but reveals the characteristics of the quality hardwood used.

In use, the stand opens up and sets naturally into perfect alignment. There is no need for thumb screws, wing nuts and other bits and pieces that can get out of position, damaged or lost. The amp is then well supported at its base and back, with thick felt pads to isolate it and protect the finish. It’s very stable, pushing the amp in various directions reveals no tendency to tip at all.

Set on the stand, the amp is up off the floor and directed at an optimum angle to fill the room and for listening by the player and audience, without all the sound going into the players knees. You get a very clear hearing of your own playing, without needing to play ‘volume wars’ in the band. It just works a lot better that way.

Compared to the metal-framed alternatives, Atlas Stands are more stable, more robust, less likely to go out of whack and much more elegant. So as a player and also as a designer, I highly recommend these stands.”
John Hewitt – Wilton NSW Australia

I have one of Josh’s low rider amp stands. Each of his stands is a beautiful creation and when I removed mine from the box, I was not disappointed. It is masterly crafted.

I could talk about the quality of the communication and the service (which are flawless), but instead I will quote St. Francis of Assisi:

He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.’

And Josh IS a true artist. And he is a lot more than that: he is also a very good man. It’s great to do business with him and I wish we lived closer to one another because I believe he is someone anyone would like to hang around with.”
Richard Poitras, AB

“The amp stand is amazing!! I put my Mesa Lonestar Special on the stand, hook into G System using 4 cable method. At my last gig I had a dude offer me $50 just to play my rig. Said he’d be in touch.”

“I love your products. I think you guys do such cool hand made work with beautiful woods and a constant eye for improvements. Most companies I know care more about sales than customers (I get it, it’s good marketing) but you guys care deeply about the product as an extension of what the customers need. It’s refreshing, and I love watching your builds go by on facebook, instagram and twitter (well done with the social media by the way, I know it can be a lot of work and a lot of ’boutique’ companies like yours don’t get it like you guys do!). Your customer service is the best I’ve seen – again you care about getting stuff right and don’t mind tweaking for customers wants and needs. It’s more art than product production like you get with most electronics and guitar builders, and that’s awesome. You seem like the kinds of guys that if I ever had an issue, you’d go out of your way to make it right. I’m guessing if you’ve had any issues they have more to do with missues/poor humidity or wrong specs than anything else!

I know your stands will stay with me through my life and be the kinds of things I pass down to my kids – and that’s a big deal in a day and age when most things are made by the cheapest bidder and designed to last just long enough. I love that – your products are pieces of functional, sustainable art. Honestly I wish I could spend more of my money on stuff like that!”
Dave, Lethbridge, AB, Canada