Standard Series Atlas Amplifier Stands

The Low Rider Amp Stand

Standard Series Atlas Amp Stands are handmade in the USA using solid walnut hardwoods. We use a durable, hand-rubbed tung oil finish to showcase the natural beauty of each stand.

Atlas Amp Stands increase volume and tone control while decoupling amplifiers from unwanted stage and floor vibrations. High density felt protects amplifiers and a modular design allows for simple upgrades and maintenance. Components are book matched for grain symmetry. Atlas Stands are capable of handling amplifiers of any weight and are designed to last forever.

Click here for full size Low Rider amp stand dimensions
18.5-degree tilt angle optimizes off-axis speaker dispersion
3.5-inch lift maintains a tight bass frequency response
Backrest extenders are included with all full size Low Riders


The Table Top
The Table Top is designed to support a separate amplifier head securely on top of a tilted speaker cabinet. It fits securely inside the full size Low Rider base making the whole kit compact and easy to transport.

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