Walnut Low Rider Amp Stand

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Handmade in the USA
Solid walnut hardwood construction
Increases volume, presence and tonal control
Decouples and isolates amps from unwanted floor vibrations
High density felt protects amplifier and reduces unwanted transfer of floor vibrations
Lightweight, stable, super strong, easily handles any amplifier weight
Modular design for simple and easy upgrades and maintenance
18.5 degree tilt angle for optimal off-axis speaker dispersion
3.5 inch lift maintains tight bass frequency response
Hand rubbed durable tung oil finish
Bookmatched components
Designed to last a lifetime
Adjustable backrest extenders (included) increase backrest height from 11 inches to 17 inches.

Standard seat width is 12 inches.
Standard seat depth is 10.5 inches

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Please allow 7 to 8 weeks for delivery.

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5 reviews for Walnut Low Rider Amp Stand

  1. Tim T

    When I found Atlas Stands, I was simply looking for a slightly better improvement to my $20 rolling furniture dolly. What I got was something light years better and worth every penny.

    I was amazed by how much the stand improved the sound quality from my amp. I would guess it’s the combination of vibrational isolation and upward angling, which allows better projection into the room. Now I have no more excuses but to improve my playing!

    The material and build quality is impeccable. The stand is rock solid. But most importantly, it’s beautiful!

  2. Chris Stevens

    I love my Atlas Stand! I have a small Carr Amp and wanted to find a way to get it up off the floor and tip it up for improved sound quality. While there are other options available, I wanted a stand that would be strong and durable AND look good in my studio. The Atlas Low Rider Stand has been perfect. The solid construction will last and last while the beautiful wood finish looks great! Thanks so much!

  3. Rob Adams

    I love this walnut stand. I use it my Marshall AS50D acoustic amp, which is 17″h x 22″w x 11″ deep, and it fits perfect . The display angle improves the broadcast and better presents the controls to the player. No vibration or unevenness, regardless of volume. Very satisfied.

  4. Ben Thompson

    As a long time hobbyist guitarist it is easy to talk yourself out of great gear because it sounds “too expensive” or “too hard to justify” for something that isn’t your day to day job. Sure if I was on stage every night I could make a better case for such an investment right? Such was the case with the Atlas Amp Stand and myself for the better part of a year. I subscribe to the “you get what you pay for” way of looking at things, and as I started to make more and more time for my guitar playing I made what in hindsight is one of the best investments I have made in recent memory and added a walnut Low Rider to my kit.

    From the very first email sent Joshua was patient with all of my questions and never felt like a “salesman” but rather someone who is passionate about what he does and the quality of the product he makes. He helped me determine the right size that I would need and the turnaround on the final product was very fast.

    What can I say; I am sorry I didn’t take the leap a year ago! The Low Rider’s simple and elegant design keeps down on the bulk and overall footprint, and the resulting angle when the amp is in place really directs the sound in such a way that it opens up better than before. The craftsmanship is so solid that this stand is likely to outlast the amp that sits on it, and I am now looking into a Table Top to add in the near future.

    Take it from me: Don’t hesitate. It is worth every penny and then some!

  5. Marcus Wilbanks

    I ordered this stand in 2017 and it still looks as good today as when I first got it, I liked it so well I ordered a matching pedalboard

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